Introducing Anthroposophy



What is the Human Being?  Who are we?


Rudolf Steiner’s insights create a multi-layered picture that open our minds and hearts to a richer understanding of these questions.


A two-fold approach explores the physical and the spiritual natures of the human being, sleeping and waking, breathing in and breathing out, sympathy and antipathy.

Expanding into a three-fold approach we explore the middle way between polarities: body, soul and spirit; thinking, feeling and willing; head, heart and hands.

In the four-fold human being we come to the physical, etheric, astral and ego bodies and see how these are expressed in the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms, the four elements and the four temperaments.


This is a wonderful opportunity to experience an artistic introduction to Anthroposophy including painting, sculpture, music and eurythmy. 


Tutors: Paul Lawrence, Nicole Lawrence and Kristina Hamilton

LIFE MAPPING:  charting and exploring your Biography

Biography work provides a way of charting our lives so that we might look more objectively at our life journey and thus discover a little more about what it is to be human in this time period.


The course will consider all septennials (7 year periods) from 0-84 and beyond and is helpful in understanding the gifts and challenges of each phase. 


Biography work explores themes, crises, patterns and repetitions in our life story by looking at the septennials in conversation with others as well as through artistic exercises such as drawing, creative writing and authentic movement.  


The chart provides an overview of your life and is helpful in the process of developing your own autobiography as a gift for your family. So many stories are lost, so much history forgotten. Life Mapping is a way of creating your Life Story. 


In this course we will use indications from Life Story Work, developed by Karl-Heinz Finke, based on reflexive research developed by Rudolf Steiner and others. Readings from experts in the field of Anthroposophical biographical investigation will be available.

The course will be conducted as a term-long exploration of weekly sessions of 90 minute duration over 5 weeks.


When               Wednesday 22 August - Wednesday 19 September.



Where              West Coast Steiner School,15 Mayfair Street, Nollamara.

Fee                    $100 or $80 Concession.

For more information or to make a booking contact Dale Irving.



Dale Irving has trained with Karl-Heinz Finke in Biographical Consultation and Counselling Skills Training based on Anthroposophy at the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. In an earlier biographical phase she was a Drama teacher and Arts’ educator.