Gisele studied medical painting therapy and artistic painting at the Sienna Academy in Queensland, and has experience as a Waldorf painting tutor with children and teachers.  Gisele draws on the method developed by Liane Collot d’Herbois whose work was inspired by the colour theories of Rudolf Steiner and Wolfgang von Goethe

Colour Medicine


A painting workshop with Gisele West,

based on the laws of light, darkness and colour.

 We will work with moist-on-moist and veil painting, in exercises that are nurturing, balancing and enlivening. Painting this way with colour and movement brings inner mobility to our thought processes and our emotional life.

Each colour responds differently to light.  Where colours come together, new and subtle hues emerge.  Forms begin to manifest, and images present themselves.


‘With colour one should not just look at them, but look and see the colours. One should always be conscious of it, wherever and in whatever form one meets it. Because then one can do something. Such conscious observation is a creative deed in the soul-world, where one does something for the whole environment.’ 

… Liane Collot d’Herbois


Come for a morning of luminous colours, light-heartedness and warmth as you explore these painting techniques.  

When                   Saturday 21st March 9am - 12pm


Where                  Perth Waldorf School, Gwilliam Drive

Fee                        $95 Includes all materials                                           


Coordinator        Ann Reeves


Introducing Anthroposophy



What is the Human Being?  Who are we?


Rudolf Steiner’s insights create a multi-layered picture that open our minds and hearts to a richer understanding of these questions.


A two-fold approach explores the physical and the spiritual natures of the human being, sleeping and waking, breathing in and breathing out, sympathy and antipathy.

Expanding into a three-fold approach we explore the middle way between polarities: body, soul and spirit; thinking, feeling and willing; head, heart and hands.

In the four-fold human being we come to the physical, etheric, astral and ego bodies and see how these are expressed in the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms, the four elements and the four temperaments.


This is a wonderful opportunity to experience an artistic introduction to Anthroposophy including painting, sculpture, music and eurythmy. 


Tutors: Paul Lawrence, Nicole Lawrence and Kristina Hamilton