Diploma in Steiner Early Childhood Education 

Enrolments open now for February 2015
The Diploma consists of four components:

1. Foundation course - next foundation course commencing 2015:  The Time Map 


2, Certificate in Steiner Early Childhood Education 


3.Teaching practicum in a recognised Steiner/Waldorf School


4. Assesment tasks

Early Childhood Course

This course will equip participants with an understanding of the core principles and practices of Steiner Early Childhood Education. It is designed for anyone who is currently working or intending to work with young children in a variety of environments including playgroups, kindergartens, family day care and early learning centres. It will also be of interest to parents and caregivers.

​Broad Overview of the Course

Understanding the growing child from pre-birth to the first seven years and beyond, including the development of movement, speech, thinking, stages of imagination and play.

​Working with time, rhythm and warmth to support the child’s physical and emotional well-being.

The guidance of the child and group dynamics- orientating the child and the whole group towards positive play, working creatively with disruption, aggression and apathy. Communicating in a language that the child will understand.

Learning how to preserve the childhood forces by caring for the senses and the life forces of the child.

Establishing a place of harmony for children- understanding play as the passionate work of the child and creating an environment to support this.

Circle work, verses, songs, movement, and hand gesture games as tools of the teacher. Learning to sing the “mood of the fifth”. Painting, craft and practical activities.

Storytelling as an art, and the meaning of story, metaphor and image.

Seasonal Festivals and their meaning, and the birthday celebration.

The inner work of the teacher- how to inwardly prepare and utilise self-development practices for the work with young children.

Techniques of observation- methods of child observation. Working creatively with colleagues. Working with parents.

Art as transformative path for the teacher- developing the teacher’s sensitivity to form, colour, gesture, sound and language through varied experiences in the arts.

The Teaching Staff

The course draws on the expertise of local, interstate and international teachers with many years of experience in the field of Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education.


Contact Jennifer Kornberger  or phone: 08 – 9331 1880

email: jennifer.kornberger(at)gmail.com

Fee enquiries and EFT/direct deposit details: Contact Patricia Dougall